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Next Day, June 30

  • Sunday of All Saints
  • Synaxis for the apostles

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  • Irenaeus, bishop of Lyons
  • Friday: The cross
Saturday, June 29, 2002
Tone VII
On this date we celebrate:

Great feast The Holy, Glorious, and Illustrious Princes of the Apostles, Peter and Paul.
Saturday: All the dead in Christ

For Peter and Paul
Troparion, Tone IV
O leaders of the apostles and teachers of the world, * entreat the master of all to grant peace to the world, * and to us his great mercy.

Troparion, Tone I
What prison has not held you? * What church has not heard you? * Damascus is elated with you, O holy Paul, * and Rome boasts about receiving your blood, * but Tarsus shows even greater joy and love in honoring the memory of your youth. * So now, Peter, rock of faith, * and you, O Paul, glory of the universe, * come forth together from Rome and make us stand firm.

Kondakion, Tone II
Into eternal rest and the enjoyment of your heavenly delights, O Lord, * you have welcomed those steadfast and divinely inspired leaders of your disciples. * And you accepted their labors and sufferings in preference to any offering, * O you who alone know what is in the heart of man.

Kondakion, Tone II
In your ineffable wisdom, Christ God, * you have given fishermen wisdom beyond that of orators, * sending them forth to preach throughout the world. * Through them, strengthen your church, * and bestow your blessing on the faithful, * O you who alone know what is in the heart of man.

For the dead in Christ
Troparion, Tone II
All you apostles and martyrs, * you prophets and hierarchs, * monks and nuns and holy men and women of all times: * Valiantly have you fought, persevering in the faith. * For this, the Lord is sure to hear your prayers. * Remind him of his loving kindness, * and beg him to save our souls.

Troparion, Tone II
In your loving kindness, Lord, remember all your servants who have passed away. * Forgive them all the wrong they ever did, * for no one can boast a sinless life. * You alone have never sinned, * and you alone can give the dead repose.

Kondakion, Tone VIII
With your holy ones, O Christ, * give rest to the souls of your departed servants, * where there is neither suffering, nor sorrow, nor sighing, * but life everlasting.

Kondakion, Tone VIII
To you, creator of all things, * the universe presents the saints as the first fruits of creation. * For their sake, O saviour, rich in mercy, * preserve us all in holiness and peace through the Theotokos.

Theotokion, Tone II
With the praise the angels offer you do we praise you, * O mother of ineffable light.

Blessed is the kingdom of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit both now and forever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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