O Great Mystery Thursday, November 27, 2014
The Christmas Fast: 28 days until the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ
24th week after Pentecost, Tone VII
Today we celebrate:
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  • James, the Persian, martyr
  • Friday: The cross


  • Alypius the stylite
  • Wednesday: The cross

Great feast The Feast of the Icon of the Sign of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-virgin, Mary.
Middle feast without vigil The national day of thanksgiving (USA)
Thursday: The holy apostles and Nicholas, archbishop of Myra and wonderworker

For the Theotokos
Troparion, Tone IV
Behold the wish that no one dared to wish, * and the dream that no one dared to dream: * God becomes a child in the womb of a chaste and loving girl, * and chaste and loving she remains. * Filled with awe by this mystery, we cry out to you, O Christ: * By the prayers of your most pure mother, save us.

Kondakion, Tone VI
O holy mother of the divine child, * help us to learn the perfection of his love and imitate it, * that hate may disappear from the face of the earth, * and the love that only he can give may take its place.

Jerusalem Troparion, Tone II
Like Moses of old, * let us also remove our sandals and draw near to this maiden, * and in the presence of her glory, * let us ponder the mystery the Lord reveals to us today: * For a chaste and spotless womb suddenly becomes a furnace full of fire.

Exapostilarion, Tone I
We see you as a lamp with many lights, O Theotokos, * a bridal chamber created by the Lord himself. * As a glittering vessel of the finest gold, * you received the giver of light, * and through you he delivers us from the darkness of sin.

At Psalm 51[50], Tone VI
Today, the portals of heaven are opened to us, * and the gate of heaven herself ushers in the grace of joy, * for the Theotokos presents the sign of her conception to all the world, * that heaven and earth might be brought together through her, * for the salvation of our souls.

For Thanksgiving
Troparion, Tone VIII
Today, we give you thanks for your bounty, O Lord, * as our fathers did in times gone by. * Be praised for filling our emptiness with yourself, * for blessing the works of our hands. * For all your favors glory be forever yours, * O Lord, so rich in loving kindness.

Kondakion, Tone VI
We give you thanks, Christ God, for all your earthly gifts. * Do not deprive us of your heavenly kingdom, * but, as you came among your disciples, O savior, granting them your peace, * come also among us, and save us.

For the holy apostles
Troparion, Tone II
O you holy apostles, * entreat our merciful God to grant our souls the remission of sins.
For Nicholas
Troparion, Tone IV
O Nicholas, holy hierarch, * your flock has recognized you by the brilliance of your works. * You are a model of kindness and rule of faith, * a teacher of self-control. * Your lowliness has raised you to the heights of fame, * and your poverty has filled your hands with riches. * Beg Christ, our God, to save our souls.
For the holy apostles and Nicholas
Kondakion, Tone VI
Christ, the rock, made his chosen twelve foundation stones of faith, * and on them he established his holy church * wherein there appeared that wonderworking hierarch who cared for the poor. * Let us celebrate their memory with songs of praise * that we may also share in their wisdom and largess of heart * as, by grace, we share in their faith. * For the sake of Nicholas and your apostles, Christ, our God, save our souls.

Theotokion, Tone IV
Raised in the temple of the Lord near the holy of holies, * you were schooled in faith and wisdom, and robed in virginity beyond compare. * To you Gabriel came with this message from on high: * Hail to you, most blessed one, O favorite of God, * the Lord is with you.

Blessed is the kingdom of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit both now and forever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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